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The Gryphon Ventures Limited Partnerships are venture capital affiliates of Gryphon Management Company, Inc., a Boston-based financial services firm. The Gryphon Ventures Partnerships specialize in investing the funds of corporate limited partners in a highly targeted portfolio strategy.

The Gryphon Ventures Partnerships focus exclusively on investment opportunities in high technology industries. Our specific portfolio interests change from time to time in accommodation to developments in the marketplace and to the changing strategic interests of our corporate clients. Our current emphasis is on the following technology areas:

  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Petrochemical Services
  • Specialty Chemicals

Gryphon Ventures makes its investments exclusively on an all equity basis. We prefer to make investment commitments in the range of $1,000,000-$3,000,000. Our general investment philosophy is to participate in each major round of financing for a portfolio company. Consequently, our investments are often made as multi-year, multi-stage commitments which are drawn down as milestones are achieved. In terms of investment styles, we are active investors; we always take a seat on the Board of Directors of each portfolio company.

Gryphon invests primarily in early-stage technology-based companies, including start-up situations. For seed-stage opportunities, including opportunities arising from academic and other laboratory research environments, Gryphon occasionally participates in the actual founding of a company.

Gryphon typically makes new investments in syndication with other professional investors, but in special circumstances we will consider acting as the sole investor.

Gryphon has a strong preference for companies located in the United States, but when a particularly strong proprietary position is present or the technology or application is of a unique nature, geographic considerations are not a factor. To be eligible for consideration by one of the Gryphon Ventures Partnerships, an investment opportunity must:

  • Offer a highly distinctive and proprietary product line;
  • Include products for which there is a clear market-driven need;
  • Address a market which is large or which is growing rapidly;
  • Present a business plan which includes well-thought out sales and marketing strategies;
  • Present a written summary of the technology, its principal applications, market potential and proprietary position (in lieu of full business plan for seed or start-up situations)


The investment selection process employed by most professional venture capital firms can be lengthy. At Gryphon Ventures we strive to expedite the process, but applicants for financing can expect a period of several months to elapse between initial contact and issuance of an investment commitment. During most of this period, we will be conducting a Due Diligence Evaluation of the investment opportunity.

All Due Diligence Evaluations undertaken by Gryphon Ventures include:

  • Evaluation of the technology by competent independent technical experts;
  • Evaluation of the proprietary protection program by independent patent counsel;
  • Review of all relevant market data and evaluation of the marketing plan;
  • Assessment of the current management team (or Founders group for seed-stage applicants);
  • Assessment of the probability that other venture investors will want to co-invest in the opportunity with us.


As examples of Gryphon Ventures' range of portfolio interests, the Gryphon portfolio currently includes companies with product lines such as:

  • Biodesulfurization of fossil fuels;
  • Erasable optical memory media;
  • Microsensors for detector systems (e.g. carbon monoxide detectors);
  • Equipment and reagents for medical diagnostic testing;
  • Optical lenses for commercial and industrial applications (e.g. bar-code readers);
  • Medical and industrial imaging systems (e.g. filmless X-ray systems);
  • Advanced composites for low weight, wear-resistant materials (e.g. automotive body parts);
  • Laser diode components (e.g. laser printer and fiber optic applications);
  • Photonic materials for infrared sensors and detection systems.